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Our Curriculum

Below are links to all of our curriculum documents.


EYFS - Intent, implement and impact 

EYFS - Development Matters Reception Prime and Specific Areas

EYFS - Activities to Try at Home

EYFS - Characteristics of Learning

EYFS - Help Your Child with Maths

EYFS - Mastery Maths Overview

EYFS - WR Termly overview

EYFS - WR Summer overview

EYFS - WR Spring overview

EYFS - WR Autumn Overview


We want our learners to experience art, architecture and design in all its glorious forms. Having been exposed to a wide range of art and design techniques we want them to be able to select those they love to create work that satisfies their sole and gives them intrinsic pleasure through creation.

Art - Intent, Implementation and Impact

Art - Progression and Skills Overview

Art - Knowledge Map

Art - Skills and Knowledge Grid


Click on the links to access our computing curriculum.

Computing - KS1 Computing Curriculum Map

Computing - KS2 Computing Curriculum Map


Click on the links below to access various elements of the Orleton School D&T Curriculum.

Design & Technology - Intent, Implementation and Impact 

Design & Technology -  Knowledge Map

Design & Technology - KS2 Curriculum Map


We want our children to appreciate their place in the world and develop an understanding of its people. Through a rich geography curriculum we want to inspire in pupils a curiosity to become aware of where countries are as well as what they contribute to a global society.

Geography - Intent, Implementation and Impact

Geography - Progression and Skills Overview

Geography - Knowledge Map

Geography - Skills and Knowledge Grid


We want our children to appreciate their place in the world and within History. Through a rich history curriculum we expect learners to become aware of events that shape our lives today.

History - Intent, Implementation and Impact

History - Progression and Skills Overview

History - Knowledge Map

History - Skills and Knowledge Grid


We want our children to embrace mathematics, have a rounded understanding of mathematical contexts and be able to apply them in new and novel contexts. We want children to enjoy mathematics, seeing it as fun, relevant and helpful to all aspects of their daily lives.

Maths - Intent, Implementation and Impact

Maths - Progression and Skills Overview

Maths - Calculation Policy

Maths - WRM - New Primary Schemes of Learning

Time table trainer

Time Table Parent Powerpoint


We want our children to experience physical education in a safe and supportive environment. Through a rich PE curriculum, we expect our learners to attain optimum physical and emotional development and good health.

PE - Intent, Implementation and Impact

PE - Progression and Skills Overview

PE - Knowledge Map

PE - Skills Map



Click on the links below to access various elements of the Orleton School Phonics / Literacy Curriculum

RWInc Information Booklet

Orleton Phonics Learning Journey

 Orleton English Policy

Phonics Policy

Reading Policy
Handwriting Policy

Phonics - Intent, Implementation and Impact

Literacy - Intent, Implementation and Impact

Reading - Intent, Implementation and Impact

Phonics Progression Grid

Reading Progression Grid

Year R Writing Curriculum Overview

 Year 1 Writing Curriculum Overview 

Year 2 Writing Curriculum Overview

Year 3 Writing Curriculum Overview

Year 4 Writing Curriculum Overview

Year 5 Writing Curriculum Overview

Year 6 Writing Curriculum Overview

Related documents and links:

Information about Read, Write Inc for parents

RWInc 2023 leaflet

Set 1 Parent Information
Set 2 & Set 3 Parent Information

10 things you should think about when reading to your child

10 things your child learns when you read stories and poems everyday

Correct Letter Formation

CBeebies Alphablocks

Teach Your Monster

RWInc electronic reading books


Click on the links below to access various elements of the Orleton School RE Curriculum.

RE - Intent, Implementation and Impact

RE - Progression and Skills Overview


We want our children to appreciate and develop an understanding of different languages and cultures and the opportunities this can open for them. Through a rich French curriculum, we hope that we can provide the basis for further enjoyment and appreciation of other languages and the benefits it can provide for other areas of cognition and comprehension within the native tongue.

French - Intent, Implementation and Impact

French - Progression and Skills Overview

French - Knowledge Map


We want our children to appreciate their place in the world and within their environment. Through a rich science curriculum we expect learners to become aware of what shapes our lives today.

Science - Intent, Implementation and Impact

Science - Progression and Skills Overview

Science - Skills and Knowledge Grid


Sex and relationships education

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